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Societatea Romana Speranta

We, "Societatea Romana Speranta", are a non-governmental, non-profit making, humanitarian, parent organization for persons (children and adults) with mental handicap, from Timisoara and Timis county. We established Speranta in 1990 from the initiative of a group of 40 parents. This number has grown now over 1000 members

Our goal is
To improve the quality of life for persons with mental handicap and their families.

Our objectives are

  • To create inclusive social services in the comunity
  • To offer general support for families, especially to those families with children that are permanently staying at home, they do not get inclusive services from the comunity
  • To support human rights against discrimination, abuse and neglect of the person with mental handicap
  • We try to optimize the mentality of Romanian society regarding the person with mental handicap
  • To organize recreation and social activities

Services initiated by us till present: we started the following services for children or adults with mental handicap:

  1. A day center for children with severe mental handicap "Podul cel lung", established in 1992, with a medical center (1995-2004), in Timisoara
  2. A special education center , "Speranta", established in 1993, in Timisoara
  3. A day center for adults with mental handicap "Pentru voi", established in 1997 in Timisoara
  4. A recreation center, a camp "Speranta", located in Retezat Mountains in the village Rau de Mori, Hunedoara county, established in 1998
  5. A protected home for youngster with mental handicap, "Casa Sperantei", in Timisoara, established in 1998
  6. A Respite-care Center for families in crisis with children with mental handicap, established in Timisoara, in 2000

The management and financing of services named at points 1,2,3,5 are totally independent of Societatea Romana Speranta.
All our achievements are pilot-projects and should be multiplyed in partnership with local administration because they are insufficient for the existing needs.


European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

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