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Respite-care Center/Crisis Center accredited since 2006

Crisis situation
Every event, which takes place in a family, and could be an obstacle for the family to give right assistance to the child with mental handicap:

  • Confliction situations within the family
  • Parents in separation
  • Physical and physique tiredness
  • Illness, parents' death
  • Some trips outside the city in order to solve family problems
  • Moving to a new dwelling place.

The project's goal
Prevention and surpassing the crisis in families (which have children with mental handicap)


  • supporting the family
  • the prevention of sorry plight in families with children with mental handicap
  • intervention in sorry plight and building the strategies for solving the crises situation
  • avoid the children's abandonment and institutionalization as a following of family crisis
  • setting up a communitarian service for families in sorry plight, which will include a short time house for
    the child with mental handicap


  • Families in sorry plight, members of Societatea Romana Speranta
  • Children with mental handicap from families in sorry plight

Services offered as part of the project "Home and support for children with mental handicap from families in crisis"

  • Social assesments for families in crisis
  • Parental counseling for family's members
  • Accommodation and assistance for the children with handicap, in the Respite-care Center/Crisis Center
  • Activities of increasing the level of child's personal autonomy
  • Recovery activities
  • Recreation for families at the organization's camp, in Retezat Mountains
  • Material support for family

The Respite-care Center/Crisis Center - a component of the project
It has 8 places and now is opened in a house with garden in Timisoara. The house is owned by Societatea Romana Speranta. The gardenwhich has 600 square meters is a nice playing yard, where the children can have some recreative and educative activities. in our center, the children have recovery activities, autonomy development activities, capacity learning building activities, communication activities. The children's accommodation is for maximum 9 days. The members of the staff are recovery teachers and a social worker who is also the coordinator of the center.

All services are offered for free.

Finance of the project

Starting with year 2004, The City Hall of Timisoara provides 6 salaries for our recovery teachers who are working direct with the children. We obtained these salaries through a contract of association between the Local Council and Societatea Romana Speranta. The other costs needed (the salary for social worker-coordinator of the center, the maintenance costs of the center ) are covered from external sources: Association Hilfe für Kinder (Germany), represented by Mrs. Mechthild Gollnick, Lebenshilfe Salzburg (Austria), represented by president Wolfgang Huemer,, Association of German-Romanian friendship from Berlin (Germany), represented by Mrs. Polly Benecke and Mrs. Ingrid Pertsch.

Since 1999 till today, the project developed thanks to the following sponsors:

•  Center for Health Policies and Services – Soros Open Network, Bucharest;
•  State Secretariat for Persons with Handicap, Bucharest;
•  National Authority for Persons with Handicap, Bucharest;
•  Cooperating Netherland Foundations Holland who gave us the posibility to buy and arrange a building for our „Respite-care Center/Crisis Center”;
•  Association Hilfe für Kinder (Germany);
•  Lebenshilfe Salzburg (Austria);
•  Association of German-Romanian friendship from Berlin (Germany).

In this moment the project is a specialized social service, approved conform the law since 2006.

We thank them all!

“Support for school for children with disabilities and their brothers”

The project's goal

The project is in progress, since 2008, we started with 18 children with mintal handicap and thier siblings (all in school) at the initiative of German organization TEMAH from Hamburg

The project (we are helping now 54 children compared with 50 in 2010) with the support and help of the German organization TEMAH – Hamburg. In the project, both social workers, Clara Ghimici and Simona Bokor, accompanied beneficiaries to buy priority school supplies necessary for pupils from families with modest incomes. Funds come from some members TEMAH, students or entire classes from Gyula Trebitsch Tonndorf Schule/ Hamburg or families who "adopt" one child. That means that they consistently help a child, about whom they know his/her biography, they get exchange a summary of information and photographs, all through the German organization and our association. Also, the German partners had a contribution, for the last three years they offered a 10 days vacation for 15 children from our project. The children are accompanied by our social workers, with trips and memorable activities, at Speranta’s camp from Retezat Mountains, Southern Carpathians.


European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

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